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Daniel J. Manweller was born on January 17 in the year 1962, in Albuquerque, NM. During elementary school, Danny was often scolded for the constant rhythmic pitter-pattering that originated from under his desk (during the more mundane subjects). When he was 11 years old, DJ began snare drum lessons while juggling his love for sports that led to lettering in football and baseball in High School. A knee injury sealed the fate and DJ begun his dream of playing drums! He moved about the personal drum set instructions starting in 1977 and figured how to proceed.

DJ did short tours with the band 'City Boys' in the early ‘80s. During this time his band had two songs playing over the air on 94 Rock! One of these songs, “Stolen Heart”, was most requested for all local bands. City Boys took second place in the Battle of the Bands at Graham Central Station (just behind the ever popular 'Femme Fatale', who later relocated to Los Angeles, did a video frequently seen on MTV. After this competition, City Boys joined Femme Fatale on a number of shows across the Southwest.

D.J's 25th High School Reunion.

In 1987, DJ furthered his training at the University of New Mexico where he took the course-work for a music percussion performance degree- a curriculum that included ear training, music theory and piano. While at UNM, DJ played in the Marching, Pep, Marimba, Blues & Jazz bands; the Percussion Ensemble; and the University Symphony Orchestra. The Pep band played regularly before sold out crowds of 19,000 at the world famous UNM 'PIT' Arena in support of the Lobo basketball team!

The UNM Symphony Orchestra and the Percussion Ensemble performed often at the 2,000-seat, world famous “Popejoy Hall”. The Marching Band performed before the University Stadium of 40,000 seats; the 76,000 “Mile High Stadium”; the 56,000 seat University of Arizona “Wildcat Stadium”; and the University of Hawaii's 50,000 seat “Aloha Stadium”. The Percussion Ensemble for which Danny was honored to play received an honorable mention at the Percussion Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) in L.A., and the ensemble was asked to perform a demonstration at the following year’s PASIC in San Antonio. This performance at PASIC put UNM’s percussion department on the map! DJ eventually studied under and later performed with the world-renowned composer/performer Michael Colgrass. While he only played a single cowbell for the performance at Popejoy, it was mentioned in the Albuquerque Journal "…the solo trio performed nicely but the cowbell player nearly upstaged the solo trio."

DJ left the University at the end of his third year to play with the popular 'Jus Joshin' band and some other Blues clubs. He eventually played with the then promising heavy metal band 'Angels in Exile'- a project that led to his latest endeavor- 'Phantom Fury'. Phantom Fury was a heavy metal band that has played the regional bar circuit for the last seven years and recorded an eight song CD (completed in 2001). Phantom Fury was an active participant in the New Mexico Rock Coalition (NMRC) and had a song (“A Way Out”) premiered on the NMRC Compilation CD. This innovative band took first place in the Rio Rancho Battle of the Bands, and a large photo of the band members was centered in the Rio Rancho Observer music review. Phantom Fury was well known as a “high-intensity progressive band with intricate polyrhythmic progressions”.

DJ is a major driving influence behind the artistic relationship within the heavy metal and studied precision heard throughout Phantom Fury’s sound. DJ is a talented musician who applies his multi-varied array of experiences and formal education to many different genres of music. But don’t be mistaken- DJ has a distinct sound that is very much his own, and when you give him a cowbell you might get some bull!

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